Site had a virus

Site had a virus and needed to be cleaned up.  Sucks… I lost my pictures and that sucks.  The site does not load with chrome as Google has blocked it, with good reason.  They’ll soon realize that it’s been cleaned up and hopefully it won’t be blocked anymore.

I can’t believe it

Dear lord… I cannot believe that I still have this up and running. What’s crazy is the fact that I look at the type of crap that I used to blog about before and I am just amazed that people actually read the crap that I wrote.  I almost lost this domain and had to fight tooth and nail get it transferred from one registrar to another.  Foolishly, the e-mail that I used to register it was one that I no longer have access to due to the fact that it was linked to my old internet service provider.  Luckily, I got it back and it’s up and running with the old database still in place!

Many of you are most likely asking if I still play FFXI and sadly, it’s a no.  Do I miss it?  Yes.. I do.  I tried to come back but the game has changed so much that I no longer enjoy it.  Leveling is no longer a grind and it seems that end game is no where near what it was when I played.  Now.. Did I sell my account?  Hell no and as a matter of fact, I still pay monthly for my account.  Speaking about it kind of wants me to get back in and see how everyone’s doing.  Too bad I don’t have the time to sit around and for a million gigs of patches.  Anyway, thanks for visiting the site and please feel free to make fun of my horrible grammar from way back when.

All the best,

Zigma of Bahamut.











My god,  I just looked at many of my previous post and I can honestly say how painful it is to read them. Anyway, I will not be posting an update as I have nothing to blog about, and I sure as hell do not play Final Fantasy like I did before… So I will leave you with the following Quote: 

“that’s what capitalism is about, strong players take over weak ones, not fucking bailing your wall street buddies.”

X gonna give it to ya

Well, I haven’t updated my blog much because time does not permit it. However, It’s Sunday night so I figure I’d do an update on how things are. I’m listing now to some old school DMX and I’m wondering what the hell has been going on with this guy. Not too long ago he was arrested going 110mph on the west side highway in a car with decals spelling DMX on the back windshield… It’s too bad the idiot rapper has been on a down spiral, oh well. His new shit is sucks anyway.

My wife and I recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary back in November. Sometimes I wonder if I got married at an early age. Even with a $6500 wedding band on my finger, I still get a lot of attention from other females, and while temptations are high, I remain loyal to my wife. I always think of something a friend said, whenever you’re forced to talk to someone things cross your mind like what if she’s better than the current one you’re with. But then you come home and your wife is passed out on the bed, barely covered and wearing the smallest little thing barely covering her gorgeous body. You realize that there is only one and that’s her!

Wow, it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a post. Even with that, I’m too lazy to sit down and type up a storm of crap. so I’ll prob just go into details and save the filler for another time.

For those wondering where I’ve been in as far as Final Fantasy XI, I haven’t logged on in maybe 2 or 3 weeks. What about my linkshell you say? It’s sleeping once again. I won’t go into detail but you can never put real life aside for a game. Does that mean I’ve quit? Ofcourse not, but I am taking time off.

I’m not playing WoW or any other MMO’s out there. I’m patiently waiting for a few games to come out which are not MMO. GTA4 etc. I’m also in the process of moving on to another job which will be very good. I’m very happy about that. The wife and I are doing very good although it’s unfortunate that I can’t go to China anytime soon (Yes, She’s Chinese! NI HAO!)

Right now it’s Sunday and I’m going to pirate away a move and kick back.

My blog is not dead!

uh, wow… it’s been this long…

Anyway, one of the reasons why I haven’t updated my blog is because I’ve been busy in real life. As some of you already know, I got married last year which shifted priorities aside, however that still didn’t stop me from camping aery (ha!) My wife (Who is Asian btw, Chinese) has gotten used to the fact that I play FFXI and I like to be near the PC but I’ve shifted a lot of my attention to her.

I no longer IT at my previous job and currently finishing up school and looking for something more challenging however I still stay in contact with Chris. Right now I’ve been doing some sub-contracting work and it’s been going great. The pay is very good ($25/hr) and it’s really low stress. I do miss my old job but it’s nothing to cry over about. Many of you have been wondering what happened to the Gallery. I no longer have the time (or motivation) to get it back up.

I am probably not going to keep updating this with FFXI related stuff, for that, you can visit Ryan’s LJ. He says pretty much what goes on in my head and with much more detail.

She burns like the sun.

I know I’m well overdue for an update but damnit, there hasn’t been anything to talk about and I’ve also been extremely lazy to write something up. Not much as been going on, Work is keeping me away from doing what I’ve always done, which is really nothing but now I get paid to do nothing and it’s good money. Life is good and I’ve been trying to socialize a bit more, maybe meet a nice gal to keep me busy afterwork/during the weekdays when I’m not camping fafnir. No dice as of yet.

I met up with my best friend, Lamar, last saturday and had a blast. We then met Eric, Another friend back from school. Aside from fafnir camps, I haven’t been doing much in FFXI. My LS is still hanging in strong due to very solid leadership (Ryany and Siena) and I’m glad.

IT Adventures Story 1

I got a job, I started the beginning of this Week. I work in the IT department of a multi million dollar contract construction/enviromental company here in NYC. The pay is very good and I get to play around with really nice and expensive toys :)

With this comes computer humor, So here’s story of what I hope to be the first of many.


so i’m told to back up the hdd on one dell (ghost it) and transfer it to another dell in the corner which is a bit more new, I say NP and get to work, after finishing the job, I wonder why the computer never turned on. The other tech, Edward was in charge of just replacing a fan on the cpu or something and adobe and after that it never turned on, he spent a day+ working on it trying to figure out why it did not turn on.


No one questioned him so after I was done transfering the windows installation and repairing it, I got curious and said Hmm… I wonder why it doesn’t turn on, let me take a look..

 I power it up but I get no post. I check the ram and power supply, both good. Powers on but no video, I then check the CPU, I slowly release the handle that holds the heatsink in place (Don’t confuse it with the cpu lever that holds the CPU in place!) and to my nightmare, the P4 cpu is GLUED ON to the Heatsink and is just physically attached to the CPU

you know how you’re suppose to put the cpu in first and secure it with the lever, it seems whoever did this (ed?) just left the lever down and forced the CPU in there and put some sort of crazy glue on the cpu and set the heatsink on it and it’s stuck on tighter than a virgins vagina



Well, things ingame have been going really good. We’ve picked up a good handful of people which tops our linkshell at a bit over 18. Maybe 20 if you don’t count the 2boxes that some people have. There are some things that come straight from PU (Stolin falling asleep for 6 of the 7 windows in Aery) But I think that’s a human factor.

I Think we also set the record on bahamut for the fastest fafnir kill ever which was  8 minutes. Under 7 if you don’t include the initial sleep2 we always do to position everyone. It’s nice to keep LS spirits high. We’ve gotten quite a few applications to the LS and have denied about 90% of them.

As far as real life goes, It’s great. I got a second interview coming up at MCU, Hopefully I land this MIS Tech job. Like the title says, I’m in PA but the job is in NYC. If I get it, I won’t be coming much here anytime soon. My family IS however moving here.

It is quite depressing now knowing wtf to do around here. One of the reasons why I feel a bit depressed is the fact that I have to use my blackberry as a modem to connect to the internet. I could not find my sprint EVDO card back home, so I am stuck with a shitty 115kbps connection. It isn’t THAT fast, but not that slow. Picture a dual 56k connection but over the air.

Another factor that comes into play is my time away from Vespartine.

Re: Gallery

Perverts rejoice! I had some time in my hands and fixed the Gallery. Gallery was not communicating with the sql database because the config.php file somehow became corrupt. I had to rebuild/repair it and fix a couple of tables in phpmyadmin. UberError would be so proud of me.