Well, things ingame have been going really good. We’ve picked up a good handful of people which tops our linkshell at a bit over 18. Maybe 20 if you don’t count the 2boxes that some people have. There are some things that come straight from PU (Stolin falling asleep for 6 of the 7 windows in Aery) But I think that’s a human factor.

I Think we also set the record on bahamut for the fastest fafnir kill ever which was  8 minutes. Under 7 if you don’t include the initial sleep2 we always do to position everyone. It’s nice to keep LS spirits high. We’ve gotten quite a few applications to the LS and have denied about 90% of them.

As far as real life goes, It’s great. I got a second interview coming up at MCU, Hopefully I land this MIS Tech job. Like the title says, I’m in PA but the job is in NYC. If I get it, I won’t be coming much here anytime soon. My family IS however moving here.

It is quite depressing now knowing wtf to do around here. One of the reasons why I feel a bit depressed is the fact that I have to use my blackberry as a modem to connect to the internet. I could not find my sprint EVDO card back home, so I am stuck with a shitty 115kbps connection. It isn’t THAT fast, but not that slow. Picture a dual 56k connection but over the air.

Another factor that comes into play is my time away from Vespartine.

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