IT Adventures Story 1

I got a job, I started the beginning of this Week. I work in the IT department of a multi million dollar contract construction/enviromental company here in NYC. The pay is very good and I get to play around with really nice and expensive toys :)

With this comes computer humor, So here’s story of what I hope to be the first of many.


so i’m told to back up the hdd on one dell (ghost it) and transfer it to another dell in the corner which is a bit more new, I say NP and get to work, after finishing the job, I wonder why the computer never turned on. The other tech, Edward was in charge of just replacing a fan on the cpu or something and adobe and after that it never turned on, he spent a day+ working on it trying to figure out why it did not turn on.


No one questioned him so after I was done transfering the windows installation and repairing it, I got curious and said Hmm… I wonder why it doesn’t turn on, let me take a look..

 I power it up but I get no post. I check the ram and power supply, both good. Powers on but no video, I then check the CPU, I slowly release the handle that holds the heatsink in place (Don’t confuse it with the cpu lever that holds the CPU in place!) and to my nightmare, the P4 cpu is GLUED ON to the Heatsink and is just physically attached to the CPU

you know how you’re suppose to put the cpu in first and secure it with the lever, it seems whoever did this (ed?) just left the lever down and forced the CPU in there and put some sort of crazy glue on the cpu and set the heatsink on it and it’s stuck on tighter than a virgins vagina


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