She burns like the sun.

I know I’m well overdue for an update but damnit, there hasn’t been anything to talk about and I’ve also been extremely lazy to write something up. Not much as been going on, Work is keeping me away from doing what I’ve always done, which is really nothing but now I get paid to do nothing and it’s good money. Life is good and I’ve been trying to socialize a bit more, maybe meet a nice gal to keep me busy afterwork/during the weekdays when I’m not camping fafnir. No dice as of yet.

I met up with my best friend, Lamar, last saturday and had a blast. We then met Eric, Another friend back from school. Aside from fafnir camps, I haven’t been doing much in FFXI. My LS is still hanging in strong due to very solid leadership (Ryany and Siena) and I’m glad.

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