My blog is not dead!

uh, wow… it’s been this long…

Anyway, one of the reasons why I haven’t updated my blog is because I’ve been busy in real life. As some of you already know, I got married last year which shifted priorities aside, however that still didn’t stop me from camping aery (ha!) My wife (Who is Asian btw, Chinese) has gotten used to the fact that I play FFXI and I like to be near the PC but I’ve shifted a lot of my attention to her.

I no longer IT at my previous job and currently finishing up school and looking for something more challenging however I still stay in contact with Chris. Right now I’ve been doing some sub-contracting work and it’s been going great. The pay is very good ($25/hr) and it’s really low stress. I do miss my old job but it’s nothing to cry over about. Many of you have been wondering what happened to the Gallery. I no longer have the time (or motivation) to get it back up.

I am probably not going to keep updating this with FFXI related stuff, for that, you can visit Ryan’s LJ. He says pretty much what goes on in my head and with much more detail.

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