X gonna give it to ya

Well, I haven’t updated my blog much because time does not permit it. However, It’s Sunday night so I figure I’d do an update on how things are. I’m listing now to some old school DMX and I’m wondering what the hell has been going on with this guy. Not too long ago he was arrested going 110mph on the west side highway in a car with decals spelling DMX on the back windshield… It’s too bad the idiot rapper has been on a down spiral, oh well. His new shit is sucks anyway.

My wife and I recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary back in November. Sometimes I wonder if I got married at an early age. Even with a $6500 wedding band on my finger, I still get a lot of attention from other females, and while temptations are high, I remain loyal to my wife. I always think of something a friend said, whenever you’re forced to talk to someone things cross your mind like what if she’s better than the current one you’re with. But then you come home and your wife is passed out on the bed, barely covered and wearing the smallest little thing barely covering her gorgeous body. You realize that there is only one and that’s her!

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