I can’t believe it

Dear lord… I cannot believe that I still have this up and running. What’s crazy is the fact that I look at the type of crap that I used to blog about before and I am just amazed that people actually read the crap that I wrote.  I almost lost this domain and had to fight tooth and nail get it transferred from one registrar to another.  Foolishly, the e-mail that I used to register it was one that I no longer have access to due to the fact that it was linked to my old internet service provider.  Luckily, I got it back and it’s up and running with the old database still in place!

Many of you are most likely asking if I still play FFXI and sadly, it’s a no.  Do I miss it?  Yes.. I do.  I tried to come back but the game has changed so much that I no longer enjoy it.  Leveling is no longer a grind and it seems that end game is no where near what it was when I played.  Now.. Did I sell my account?  Hell no and as a matter of fact, I still pay monthly for my account.  Speaking about it kind of wants me to get back in and see how everyone’s doing.  Too bad I don’t have the time to sit around and for a million gigs of patches.  Anyway, thanks for visiting the site and please feel free to make fun of my horrible grammar from way back when.

All the best,

Zigma of Bahamut.










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