My Old Blog!

Today I started this new blog. I had my line upgraded from 15mb to 30mb (uber fast!!) and With the package I got a free domain name. I decided to register and decided to set up some sort of blogging software. The package also came with a shitty hosting that is pretty much a “Here you go, if you want something nice then you’re gonna have to pay an arm and leg for it”.

I said fuck it I was going to switch to my host of about 4years+ ( Royze reminded me that I had space in his website ( and that got me thinking. So I got to work. At first I was going to create a simple website but it was just too much work for something that I’ll just be using more as a blog. So After surfing the web, I came about wordpress.

To my luck, dreamhost (royze provider) had an instant service where they would setup wordpress up automagically but I ran into trouble. The robot that did it automatically was broken lol. So I ended up installing it manually.

Sow now I am here. How am I going to move my old post from my old blog to this one. The simple truth is that there is no way that I’m going to move 60 or so post to here manually. It would take too much work, so a simple link is going to have to do.

So, If you’re interested in reading my old blog that I won’t be updating anymore, head over to



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