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I know what you’re all saying. WTF, Zigma got a ridill and he hasn’t updated his blog to tell people about it? Well, I was a bit busy (lazy) about it. Well, Anyway, This is simply an amazing weapon. I”ve been forming merit parties with other people fortunate enough to have one and the amount of xp/hour you get with 2 bards is insane.

The fafnir that dropped it was crazy and I almost got a darter. When We claimed, I forgot to to remove the /targetnpc from my Provoke macro (I was using it to spam) and when we slept it, I disengaged and to keep fafnir on me, I provoke, Still having /targetnpc, I targetted a darter but LUCK HAS IT THAT MY PROVOKE WAS ON A AN 11 SECOND COOLDOWN.

We had 1 tank and I was the other half assed second tank. We took it down to 50% and thats when Arus, Akuby, his bard Pyoi and The crow came. We had about 20 minutes to take it from 50 to 0 and things started rolling.

Things got really scary at 15% because we were low on MP (not to mention time). We said fuck it and I told everyone to unload everything they had, if we wipe, we will wipe in a blaze of glory. The manafonts started going off and Fafnir’s HP went down faster than Lbelle’s panties after 2 beers on a friday night.

I expected nothing more than shitty drop…As fafnirs head slowly goes down in defeat, the treasure pool starts to scroll on the chat and I get a glimps of an item starting with the letter R. A split second later I hear distortion coming from my headphones, It’s ryan screaming RIDILL and I flip out.

After the hype is settled, I asked (not demaned or instructed) if I could lot on it and everyone there looked at me like if I was actually joking when I said that. I said how much it would mean to me if I could have it and everyone was cheerful about it and passed it to me.

To all the haters, suck a fat one, to everyone else, thanks for the kind words.

Comments? Prob not but I’d love to hear them.


By the way, I’m recruiting. Send me a /tell if you’re interested.

Iduna says my blog is a bit boring now :( , Well the truth to that is the fact that it probably is. What is the reason for me not updating it, hmm? Well, It might be a little lazyness on my part but I just don’t find stuff to write on it anymore lol.

School is coming down to the wire. We got about a month or so left and I can’t wait until I’m done.

Goodbye, Jordan.

I have to apologize for not updating my blog. I had problems accessing the server and although it was easy to fix and I knew what I had to do, I was just lazy and didnt want to take the 2 minutes to do it until now. Anyway, Jordan got the boot. He actually got the boot about a week and a half ago. He missed too many days (3 to be exact) and you’re only allowed 2.

World Of Warcraft: Lv68.5, Been burned out leveling but I really need to get 70 so I can start checking out the new raids.

Final Fantasy XI: The new patch looks good. I’m waiting to see what get discovered etc. Stolin formed a new LS. Kandykanez and myself are in it. I’ll let Nave know about it since he would prob like to do sky and so forth. We will see.

The Back of the Class.

Let’s run down the friends I hang out with in school, since I’ll prob be talking about them a lot these up and coming weeks. We are Team-C. The teacher split the class up the first or second day because of future projects.

Lamar: He is the oldest. His experience with computers isn’t that much but is quick to learn new things. Although he does not talk much, He is very friendly and really down to earth. You can count on him when it comes to something needing to be done.

Jordan: Jordan is the second oldest. He is smarter than he looks. He has a lot of knowledge when it comes to his specialty. He is really good with software and is not ashamed to ask when something is wrong.

Johnny: Johnny defected from Team-D. When Joshua got thrown out (HA!) an open spot at the table where Karina used to sit (She moved to the front at the request of the teacher) opened up. Previous to this, we talked a lot. To much suprise, he plays Final Fantasy as well and is also on bahamut, but his highest character is Level 40. His knowledge to computers comes in a close second in the group (with me being #1 obviously). He is smart and catches on to things really quick.

Kevon: Kevon is from Team-D. He is forced to be there because if he comes to C, D will be unbalanced and this is a big no no because of future projects. His knowledge to computers is average and is a quick learner.

Carlos: Little is known about Carlos. His attitude is cool but usually keeps to himself. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t know how to strike up a conversation. Regardless of his social status, he is still part of Team C and we include him in whatever we do.


Headaches are starting to come back, Stress is starting to sink in as well. I’m in class right now and people have found out about me. I’m getting called left and right to help them, sometimes multitasking all of them at the same time and it’s not something I want ot do. I can’t say no because that would be rude of me but I wish they would just follow the instructions that the teacher puts up or just read what’s on the screen. I don’t know how the teacher can put up with all of this… I guess it’s because he gets paid for it. 

I haven’t logged on final fantasy for about 2 and a half days, There is nothing  to talk about that here. I haven’t seen kandykanez for that long as well but I acted like an idiot a few days ago so I’m sure that has something to do with it. I could not stop thinking about it and during class I made was screwing around photoshop and made this,


Please Overestimate

Things never last forever, I’ve always said this.  It’s like Eminem has always said in one of my favorite songs, Till I Collapse


“So while you’re in it try to get as much shit as you can
and when your run is over just admit when its at its end.”


It sucks how I’m surrounded by people who just can’t be as dedicated as I am to something and give up so easily. It really pisses me off and I was suffering from a lot of stress due to this. Ryany in his LiveJournal pretty much could not have said it any better than me and I will quote on him on a few things.

  •  Every camp seemed to be 5 people (Zigma, Stolin, Kandykanez, Nave, Myself) and we would be lucky to get 2 more people out of the other 10-12 not listed. (Steveon/Inukipacuchi/Cookamungas were likely the only 3 to break 50% attendance out of the 10-12 others) 

Sadly, this is true. Only 5 of us were reliable enough to bet our lives that we would show up to camp everyday. The MVP would go to Nave. He was always at camp, never complained, stayed to himself and contributed a great deal. It’s makes me sad to not be able to give him anything other than good times. At the same time he also provided me with support. With him there, It made me feel a bit… at peace since we come from TTF.


Kandykanez had her own issues. It’s best not to even go into that right now as I’m sure she reads this and might take it the wrong way, so skip. Nothing bad could be said about stolin other than the fact that he could have done a few things better. Cookamungas is another thing I’m too lazy to comment on.

  • People quit showing up when Shinsei started claiming nearly every fafnir *cough hacking to remove the spell/ability lock if you try to claim too early allowing you to spam*cough. I’m sure it didn’t help when our chances of claim went from 1 in 5 to maybe 1 in 20.

I can’t really comment on this. I mean, I have proof that they hack but what’s the point in calling them out on it. I like to read drama, not be the center of attention when it comes to it. But if you’re going to doubt me, I can always post the dump of that pimppin thread. Kids, Don’t host your forums on free shit like proboards.

  • That phrase “good help is hard to find” is so true in FFXI. We lucked out early on with getting so many great players that would likely be a top-tier player in any linkshell. This allowed us to kill Fafnir with as little as 7 one time with plenty of time to spare. Reliable players were few and far between after that.

Nothing can be added to this. It’s the truth. Good help is always hard to find and just because it’s good does not mean that it’s reliable.

Read more of his reasons, some of which I strongly agree. I put those in bold. 


  1.  Some people didn’t seem to care that much at a camp if Nidhogg didn’t have a chance of popping. For example; if we have 1 pld/nin and one person that could switch to a tank subjob between windows just levels his other character instead and would leave us with an almost impossible task of solo tanking on pld/nin. (too much hate would likely be lost through terror considering DDs would have to damage fairly hard to kill in time with our low numbers)

  2.  People looked like they were at work at 5PM on a Friday with how some wanted to get out of a camp as fast as possible. For example, another linkshell claims and they don’t wait to see if anything might happen and just warp out. This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back with us camping Fafnir when 2-3 people took off when wayferer/dampeo claimed and almost wiped and we wouldn’t have had enough to fight if they did thanks to the people logging off.

  3.  Some people would take the slightest setback and give up. For example, one player just logs off when one of our tanks d/cs for 5 minutes as if there aren’t any other tanks that may log on. (which two did log on later after this person gave up and logged off)

  4.  There were hints of some people not being able to fully stay objective when any criticism came up about their friend(s). The last thing some people want to see is more <insert name of person I coined this after> syndrome.

  5.  Certain people constantly would be afk during camps. I’m not talking about falling asleep one time out of 30. I’m talking about someone constantly sitting down through spawn increments or darter killings. Some of these people were literally afk when it counted as much as they were there.

  6.  Some people seemed to have an attitude like they were owed stuff over someone else with 5 times the attendance just because RL kept them from coming.

  7.  We did not want to become a zerg linkshell and thus needed really high standards outside friends of people. We don’t have any margin for error with low numbers.

  8.  Every linkshell is a zerg linkshell to some degree due to the numbers demand on some endgame areas. Due to this, we couldn’t offer most endgame activites.

Now, Is PleaseUnderestimate disbanded as a LS? The answer is no. This is simply because of certain people who wished for it to stay together. Unfortunately though, you prob won’t see us at a camp anytime soon but nothing chances as far as stuff thats in back of my head (aka BelkinsLS).

 Aside from HNMLS crap, Things are okay on my end. I’ve been leveling Dark Knight lately and It’s level 51 now. It’s very hard to get parties and It’s a bit annoying. When I get one, It blows hardcore and when I form one, there is usually 1 or 2 people who just SUCK at their job. Hopefully shit gets better when I get rampage (soon!!) and I can do what I did on my warrior and fly straight to 75.

Real life

I started school on Friday and for some reason, I’m actually looking forward to it everyday when I leave. The horrible part about it is that it’s all the way in the fucking Bronx so getting there is a bit boring. I usually load my psp up with a movie and watch it. It helps kill the time nicely. It’s 19 week program and at the end of it, I’ll be A+ certified (giving me a total of 3 certs at the end of the program!) I’ll then be able to get an IT job (something I’ve always wanted to do) and in about 8 months or so I’ll be able to get my Network+. All of which is free which is fucking awesome. I hope things go well for me.

I’m too lazy to type more. I also think I fucked up on a few tags when writing this post up so I might have to edit it a bit, meh…